In The Money

First, my coffee website was down for a month and when it came back up, people noticed. I had 3 orders almost instantly.

When I come home from shopping, I sometimes have change in my pockets. I toss that change in an old plastic pretzel container. Then today I finally decided to head on over to the credit union where they have a coin counter. I first entered the credit union and checked to make sure that the machine was still there and was working.

I lugged (and I mean LUGGED) the container in and started feeding coins in. The machine reset and I’m not sure if the first bunch of coins registered, but I assumed so. Then as I fed coins in, I noticed the staff starting to look my way. The machine sounded like a slot machine paying off as I continued to feed coins in for quite some time.

I was hoping the machine was empty to start with and I also wondered if it had a limit of how many coins it would put on one ticket. I hit neither limit. I will admit that a few coins were rejected and I pockeetd them.

I took my receipt over to the cashier and she smiled as I approached (probably happy to hear the silence now). I asked her if I won the prize for today and she said “yes”, understanding why I asked.

The total take was just a smidgen over $350. That is no spare change (so to speak).

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